PoWo offers the full range of services needed to manage your EU Posted Worker compliance. From strategic and wage consulting to simplified processing of all your notifications in 31 countries. 

Strategic Consulting

Structure your overall EU posted worker compliance framework taking into account all regulatory requirements.

Get guidance on organisational obligations and responsibilities for every posted worker country. 


Request reviews of your intra-EU mobility workflows and strategy.

Notification Submission

Handle all your notifications internally with our expert guidance and templates.

Outsource your notifications and initiate a country-specific provider from the network.

Deliver your existing providers a simple collaborative system to streamline your submissions.



In nearly all cases, organisations will have to nominate a liaison to represent them with regards to the local authority.

PoWo provides full representation support, including secure, comprehensive and easily accessible document storage.

Nominate an internal or external liaison, regardless of whether your notifications are outsourced or done in-house.



Posted workers are entitled to the same level of remuneration as those in the host country. 

Understand salary rules including all components of remuneration, such as overtime and special allowance payments.

Leverage wage assessment consulting to build a compliant wage framework for your organisation's secondments.

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